Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cookie dough hangover...

My sister and I baked 5 batches of cookies yesterday and today I feel like crap, I think it is from eating to much cookie dough. And of course today after eating a some what healthy breakfast I have eaten mostly cookies so that is just making things so much better, ugh. Some day I will learn. I have been in a crafty mood lately. Started my Christmas cards but of course did not finish them, did a little scrapbooking with no pictures (yet) so nothing much to look at, and a little sewing. I am in the mood to craft but I think I am more in the mood to go shopping for stuff to work with when I have a ton of new stuff here that I could be working on. Apparently it is one of those battling with yourself day. I wish I could just settle on one thing.
This is the last scarf that I have to get done for Christmas. Still have a few knitting projects that are going to be Christmas presents but I don't have to worry about exchanging until January or February so I have time (for now).

This nosy guy is patiently waiting to be packed up and sent to his new owner. Another goal for today which should happen unless I give in to going shopping.

Really wishing I could be content like he is sitting down doing ONE thing and not thinking of a million. As you can also see I should be putting laundry away, finish wrapping and straighten up the living room. Ah always tomorrow.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Need more jewelry...

Had such a great weekend! Went to visit Natalie in Maryland. Lots of shopping in stores I have only ever seen in catalogs, ate yummy Chinese food, and had way too much fun in a photo booth in Chuck E Cheese. A must do again sometime!

I bought this Jewelry tree at Urban Outfitters in Maryland, I love how it looks so pretty for something so simple.

Hope everyone has a good day. I am starting to panic ever so slightly that Christmas is only 2 weeks away. I thought I was prepared but I need to make a to do list!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A birthday surprise from the best Nephew ever!

Came home from my knitting class to a beautiful surprise from my nephew. He was so thoughtful! My Husband felt a bit out done but Cody is my other man (2 year olds really know the way to a woman's heart) so I really can't feel sorry for Bobby :) Thank you buddy!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

It's snowing...

It is snowing here today! This is so exciting, not the stick to the ground kind yet but it is still nice to see snow. It has been quite the lazy weekend. Had time for a bit of shopping. Scored an adorable pair of red flats and a deep Fiesta ware bowl in cobalt to add to our collection. Scrapbooked a little yesterday and then worked some more on christmas scarves as we watched Transformers last night. I thoroughly enjoyed the day. I leave you with some pictures of the yarn I ordered that I couldn't get the links to work in a previous post. Can't wait to cast on and start making my wrap!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

mini album

Finally finished my little album. I really like how it turned out , I am loving this 4x4 size all over again. Got a lot of inspiration from Miss Kristi's Layouts for Story of My Life Kits this month. She is awesome and so is her work! Blogger wouldn't let me post any more pictures for some reason so I will do a post with the rest of the album and some knitting projects tomorrow. Have a good night peoples.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Holidays are coming and lots of links...

I don't know why but this year I am really looking forward to the holidays coming soon. I am in the mood for a new beginning, a drastic change, something and maybe that is why I am pushing for it. I am working like mad on knitting some of my Christmas presents. I will have to post some pictures of the ones that are for people who I know don't read my blog.

Pre-ordered this puppy today. I am in love. I am looking forward to cutting it up already at the end of the year to use in a mini album of some sorts. Or maybe I will make a running year album him, the wheels are finally starting to turn. I am not usually a calendar person but have been really inspired by quite a few this year so I decided to make a purchase. I love letterpress!

Totally went crazy last night on this website buying yarn. My next project is going to be a Shoulder wrap, something that I can wear to work over a long sleeve shirt. I decided to go with this color for the wrap and then bought this color to make either a skinny scarf or a thick neck warmer. This yarn is so soft and beautifully hand dyed. I can't wait to see the colors that I picked in person.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to post pictures of my mini album from our weekend.

Monday, October 29, 2007

1 year

Can't believe that one year has already gone by since we got married it really doesn't feel like it has been that long and then some days it does. We had a really fun weekend just driving and ending up in Jim Thorpe, going shopping and just being together. Can't wait to get started on a mini album about our 1st year and 1st anniversary. I think I will be working on that this weekend when I go to visit Miss Morgan at her store. Hope your weekends were fun now that the rain has stopped.

Destashing update...

All of the Lotto cards are spoken for now. Everything else is still up for grabs if anyone is interested. The following list of people please e-mail me your address so I can send your goodies to you,

Thank you for helping me out Ladies!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Etsy update

Ok the new etsy store is now up and running. Still have to load more stuff but for some reason my computer kept losing signal right when I tried to upload my pictures. Very tired over here for some reason. Trying to de-clutter your life is very tiring for some reason. I through out so much stuff tonight I am amazed. Mostly trash some boxes of packaging that I felt the need to keep that I might turn into wrapping of presents some how but never had in the few years that I have had this junk. I feel a little better now, I can walk into my one closet again. Ugh.

Vintage find of the week yummy buttery yellow drawer with the coolest pull ever and love the place where I can put a label. Can't wait to fill it with hmmm.

Oh yeah also finished knitted my first scarf. It is a little thick because it rolled (need to learn how to stop that, anyone know?) but I still love all the colors and hey for my first one I am pleased! Now if I could only find the knit or die t-shirt that Lorelei wore on Gilmore Girls in that episode of the all day knitting! I am addicted, am I going to through out all of my scrapbook stuff??? hell no why do people keep asking me that though, I can have two hobbies!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Serious people

This is free stuff. No strings attached unless you want string :)

Monday, October 15, 2007


Ok people I am starting to feel a bit overwhelmed right now with how much junk I seem to accumulate. Yes I know I am a pack rat in a manner of speaking, I like to think of my self more along the lines of a recycler. Why throw that perfectly good shoelace out, yes there may be only one but I know if I sew a drawstring bag someday it will come in handy. Now 5 years later still have the shoelace but no drawstring bag. I’m thinking I have a problem. Lol. So to help me clear through some of this clutter I am doing a mass RAK of sorts. Hopefully this won’t get ugly, nothing mean towards you but if I run out of something I am sorry. I am just going to have to go on a first come first serve basis and hopefully I can accommodate everyone.
Most of the following items I have collected from thrift stores and yard sales so some things are a tad yellowed or bent but hey that just shows their story right? Some items I only have a few of some I have a lot of. I will try to post my quantity to let you know. If there is a certain amount of something you have to have just let me know and I will try to do my best. The strings/threads I will send you one yard unless other wise requested.

Rotary cards: I have about 250 of these to go around.

Spines: There is about 100 of these. Unfortunately they do not have the arms that go through this piece to create the closure, I only just noticed this now. Not sure what can be done with them but maybe someone has an idea?

Brown wax thread: This is a thin brown thread that seams to have a little wax coating but not much at all. It is definitely heavy duty compared to sewing thread.

Pink wax thread: This is a heavy waxed thread as you can see it is bendable. Fairly thick in diameter too.

Playing cards: These are from an old Lotto game. There is not many of these to go around.

Blue thread: Thin blue ribbon, not sure what this would be used for, is not elastic.

Vintage dictionary pages: I have a bunch of old dictionary pages that are bit yellowed and torn out.

Paper bags:
I have a bunch of paper bags left over from my wedding invitations. They are hardware store strength and a bit larger then your average paper lunch bag.

Ok that is all I can post for now. I probably will do another destash as I continue to clean out. If you are interested in anything just leave a comment or e-mail me.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Dirty Dirty look who's thirty...

He looks so thrilled doesn't he? I totally did not wake up in the middle of the night as planned to hang these all over the house so I thought I would just take him by surprise and dump them all over him. Hey, I thought it was funny.
Oh and thank you all for the Happy Anniversary wishes that was so nice, I apologize for not saying anything sooner. Take care all!

As promised...

Here are some of my new layouts. Yesterdays crop was not as productive as I would have liked it to be finally started getting in the groove by 4:30 and we had to leave by 6. But I got some new things done last night and hopefully will today too.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

my first whiff of burning leaves...

First of all how do you smell whiff i mean spell? Nat its one of those words that just don't look right. Any way driving home from shopping at the Promenade tonight and I could smell burning leaves it was great. I am so ready for sweater weather bring it on please. Went shopping tonight for my Husband's birthday this weekend and totally spent more money on myself opps. I just couldn't find what I wanted to get him. But I think I have finally found my new fragrance, hopefully this one will last (and won't end up getting associated with bad memories). Its Rosewood from Banana Republic and it comes in this wicked wooden box. (No I did not buy it for the box ... although it was definately a deciding factor)

I so was ready to buy a purse too but just got some really soft tank tops. I may have to go back there this weekend since I am going to be up in the area.
I got my KC Collection from SIStv today. I love it and the papers so much I think I should have bought 2. Can't wait until this weekend SIStv Crop. I have some new pictures to scrap and tons to work with and I think I know not to pack so much this time so it won't take so many trips from the car!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Awesome weekend...

Well first of all I had no idea how much attention this little guy would get but lets just say he was certainly the center of attention at this weekend's crop. It was very cool to get together with some familiar faces Kristi, Nicole, Morgan, and Breanne and also meeting some adorable new faces too, Vee and Natalie. I can not believe how much I actually got done on Saturday. I will definitely have to post some layouts! I was so intimated by the 10 hour time frame but can not say I was stuck for any long period of time. I solely think that was because of all the amazing creative women I was around. These women are so inspiring. Can't wait to get together again!
Well the cat has been let out of the bag. My Husband has been acting completely strange the past couple days. He was asking me all sorts of questions about where I was going to be on Saturday and how did he get there and was he allowed in side (that one cracked me up the most) well apparently his plan to surprise me Saturday did not pan out but today when I came home from work I found this in my parking spot.

I have been, well we have been lusting after this vintage '63 bug when we first found out about it a month ago. But we were trying to be rational and blah blah blah. Well I have definitely learned once my Husband sets his mind to something there is no stopping him. He really wanted to surprise me in front of the girls on Saturday (more likely for him to get the attention:) but today was just as good. I totally had a "what did you do" face while driving up and he was of course taking pictures because he is good like that. As soon as I got out of my truck he was like "Happy Anniversary" ,this is so much better then a diamond ring! We plan on this being our road trip cruiser. Now all I have to learn to do is drive a stick! Piece of cake...right?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Suggestions please...

I have been trying for months to decide what pictures I want in our professional Wedding Album and I finally did come to a list but now that I got the proof back I am second guessing myself on pictures. Does anyone have suggestions on how to narrow this down??? I am so confused!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Perfect fit...

I got the new dare book and am loving every minute of it. These girls are so talented and real I am breathless. The first dare of course was perfect fitting for this mood I am in which I hope breaks soon I can't take another morning waking up a 2:30 am with nothing but fear. Here is my layout... and I actually did a 12x12 which I think in my whole scrapping life I have done maybe 5 total. I just didn't want to cut this paper I really liked it. Plus going through all my stuff for the MLPA yard sale I just feel that I need to try them to use up some of this paper love I have. I like it not my favorite but I like it. I think I may even try another. Totally stole the photo idea from Gigi, she has some of the coolest self portraits I just had to try it.

LOST... If found please return to ... me

I felt you slipping away slowly and then you were gone at 25. I wear blue as women should and avoid onions at all costs but you still have not returned. Where did you go and when are you coming back? Do I need to find you or wait for you? I wonder this, many sleepless nights and days I feel the pressure in my head. Please say someday you will.... return to me.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Update on job hunt and other more important things...

Thank you all for your warm and fuzzy thoughts because I after the interview from the twilight zone I went on an interview the next day and was hired to start 3 days later. It has been a hectic week but this job seems like it was worth the searching and the waiting for. So thank you again!
Well on to the more important things (haha). I received my goodies from Candice! I am so much in love. They are adorable and I can not wait to use them!! Candice rocks if you haven't check out her etsy shop you are missing out.

My Sister who doesn't even get the whole scrapbooking thing even wants some. Speaking of my sister she crochets and she just opened up an etsy shop too. She makes the most adorable pumpkins for fall. They are so cute to set out and soft. She taught me how to crochet the other weekend and I finally sat down and got the hang of it some what. It only took my 4 hours to make a wash cloth but hey I did it. And I think I got the hang of it because I want to make more. We went shopping yesterday and stocked up on some really pretty yarn to make scarves and coffee cup cozies with. I also got some awesome paints and a 12x12 frame to play with. Its so much more fun to have my creative juices (and money) flowing again. Searching for a job that you can tolerate is so draining!


I participated in this swapjack on Red Velvet and I was paired with a really awesome lady, Rose! She sent me this rocking package all enclosed in this adorable suitcase which I have been lusting after these and she didn't even know. I loved everything! I have been looking for a good white pen since my sharpie blew up on me(and my layout) and she sent me one that she swears by! Oh and the candle is so yummy even my husband was like what smells so good! This was so much fun!! Thank you so much Rose you rock!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Rak for luck results are in!!!

I love giving stuff away it is so much fun. Congrats to the following five fab females that posted a comment. E-mail me your addies at and I will get your goodies out to you!

1.Freckled nest
2. tania
3. alice valentine
4. nicole carro
5. inka

Also some fabulous news and a must check out. An awesome lady just opened up and etsy shop and you have got to check out her goods they are so cute! Hope you guys had a good friday and are ready for the weekend just like me.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Interviews from the Twilight Zone and an rak for luck

It is either a really bad market out there or I am finding all of the crazies. I followed up an ad in the paper for a clerical position went in for an interview and ended being practically sexually harassed by a married man who thought I wouldn't notice him moving his wedding ring to a different finger??? what the &$#@??? Then proceeded to inform me that he was interviewing me for a Lab tech job and asking me questions like have I ever worked with animals and am I squeamish?? ok did we not just go over my resume and talk about all clerical positions or was he just listening to my boobs. I guess the real question is why the heck did I not just get up and walk out. I am not that desperate for money (maybe I am since I stayed) no no not that desperate! That pretty much shot my luck for this day hopefully tomorrow's interview will go much better please start the prayer chain because I truly feel like I am needing it right about now.
On to happier things. Can't wait to get my Label Tulip kit for August!!! I am so excited about that! I have been playing with a few layouts but still not happy with all of them but starting to feel the creative flow come back. Here they are...

I just feel that they are a little plain. I own so many goodies but for some reason couldn't think of anything else to put on these pages. Speaking of little goodies I would like to do a small rak. I ordered these little tags off of etsy and they are so adorable and they give you so many in a bag I want to give some away, and maybe some other flat items that will fit in an envelope. So the first 5 people to comment on this post will get the goods. Your odds should be pretty good! This is a picture of the little tag, isn't it adorable?

Here it is used on a layout.

Hope you are having a better week then me. I am sure mine is going to get better because tonight at midnight Topaz will be headed for PA!

Friday, August 10, 2007

To shed some light on the subject...

Had some awesome Thrift Store finds yesterday. This vintage goose neck lamp in this awesome marbled green color. I could not leave it. It has a little rust and its original wiring which looks to be good still. I have been wanting a lamp for my scrap table and this one wanted to be the one. I also got this acrylic recipe box, which even flips up and holds a recipe card. I thought this would be perfect for holding Ali EdwardsDaily something project or for an altered deck of cards. And then the card board suitcase I have been wanting to purchase one to house our Honeymoon album and the other items I brought back to keep so with I little paint and paper I think this baby will be perfect. Plus I got all of this stuff for $6.00 can't beat that.
I really haven't been in a creative mood lately. Not sure why just focusing on finding a job right now I guess. I hope that changes soon because I do miss creating. I think its time for an inspirational trip to the beach!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Love, Elsie layout

This is a little edgier then I normal do but I still like how it turned out. All in the name of free product. Still no word on the job front. Hopefully will be hearing from him by the end of this week. Just received Label Tulip's new kit haven't been able to play with it though. Can't seem to find pictures that go with this paper. But am lovin' the grid stamp.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Home Album

This is our first home album. I haven't decided where I want to do my journaling yet hence the reason there is none. Its either going to be the back of the photos hidden in the pockets or on the back of the pocket. I finally got my groove back and have finished a few projects that got pushed aside. I am not quite finished Kristi's Kit for the Happiness is album. I need more pictures for that one and have not really been having any life moments that render pictures I guess. Unless I should capture my shopping, scrapping and watching all Gilmore Girls episodes in order currently on season 4.