Friday, August 24, 2007

Rak for luck results are in!!!

I love giving stuff away it is so much fun. Congrats to the following five fab females that posted a comment. E-mail me your addies at and I will get your goodies out to you!

1.Freckled nest
2. tania
3. alice valentine
4. nicole carro
5. inka

Also some fabulous news and a must check out. An awesome lady just opened up and etsy shop and you have got to check out her goods they are so cute! Hope you guys had a good friday and are ready for the weekend just like me.


Melonie said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for better luck on the job hunt! Hope you have a better week and love all of the new LO's!

tania said...

yea! I never win anything - thank you so much.

Candice P.J. said...

Hey! Thanks so much for the Etsy shout out, lady! Lovin' it!

Mika said...

I Love the tittle of your blog!!!!
Hope to see you sometime on my blog

Breanne Crawford said...

thanks for sharing the etsy shop! SO cute!!

T said...

hellllllo my LOVE!! it was so nice to see you.....did i mention that i LOVE YOU!!!

Nicole Carro said...

So excited! Thanks for the RAK and sending good thoughts your way!

Freckled Nest said...

Thanks Katie!! I got my Rak today :) and love it all!! THANK-YOU!!! :)

ps. funny thing, Inka in Finland got hers 2 days before I did in Canada. Weird hey?

Alice Valentine said...

Thanks so much for the RAK! Yay! It was so fun to see real mail for me instead of bills and junk! I'll have to do a RAK now too to pass along the happiness :) Thanks again!