Wednesday, March 28, 2007

my mini album cover...

This cover turned out awesome I have to admit I love love love it. Hopefully the inside turns out as good as the outside. The name of the paint is Bordeux from making memories. Sorry the picture isn't the greatest I am rushing.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I confess I am obsessed...

I was inspired by a blog I was reading yesterday for this post. I am actually currently working on a mini album titled "quietly going mad about everything" in which it will hold all of my loves from lipsticks to people. I am a collector of everything, even Starbucks napkins that I think are inspiring and so I want to make this book a place to keep some of that stuff instead of all over my house. And in all honestly it started with this little bottle of paint. Who would have known, but yet again it is me we are talking about. Well I bought this paint a while ago because it was gorgeous and now I am buying everything in that color. Lipsticks, eye shadows, paper, ribbon, fabric I am obsessed but completely in love so that is all that matters. I will have to upload the front cover of my book later I am pleased with it. The book actually housed another half done project that I ripped off to start this one. This one is satisfying me so far so I think it will make the cut.

Monday, March 19, 2007

i hate monday's...

i have always hated Monday's for no particular reason, maybe because of The Bangles. I guess I just feel that I turn around and it is Monday once again. I stayed home pretty much all day yesterday. scrapped a little and then sat down to think about what I wanted to do and wasted about 6 hours just doing that. how does that happen? that darn TV and couch just suck me in every time. I think I am at another creative slump which is ok I get in those. I used up the rest of my energies creating this which is gorgeous and was actually excepted to view on the Basic Grey gallery!! but as of that i am spent. hope you had a good Monday i am back to moping :)

Just a quick update. I found out about the doll hanger from Jenni Bowlin's kits that I subscribe too and then she posted where you can find them so of course I had to order more. You can get them at character constructions under accessories. They are the French Laundry Hangers...adorable.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

the honeymoon book is finished yeah!!!

The Honeymoon album is finally finished I am so excited and very pleased with the way it turned out. I actually still have to go through and but some more journaling and embellishments I am so happy that it finally is in one piece and hopefully no pieces are missing because who knows where they are in my scrap nook. I plan on having a clean surface and laying all the embellishments out in front of me and go page to page to finish it up. We shall see how long it takes me to accomplish that one. I think I am just really looking forward to starting a new project, which I think is going to be my new 9x9 heidi swapp naked album. I am not one to do 12x12 I think i have a bakers dozen if that but I do love that a scrapbook like that doesn't have to be something that goes in order but just tells a story on one page about your life and the next page can move on to a completely different event. Very different from the mini albums which is all I do right now. Very eager to start something new!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

theres no business like snow business...

it snowed this past sunday and I am so happy to finally get some snow pictures of Bobby and I. Although I have no clue what he was doing with the camera because the ones of me didn't turn out the greatest but at least they exist for now. Also I am so excited because today is march 1st and my first membership kit from jenni bowlin is on its way. I woke up last night thinking about it because I am crazy! I of course had to buy the extras and the paper kit. it is beautiful blue. also got some goodies from papier valise today too. I am looking forward to a vegging weekend this weekend. not sure if it is going to happen but i am trying to convince myself that it will. I feel like going thrifting again though. I did that last weekend and had a blast. seemed like i came across so many things that i was looking for. i tried taking some pictures of the stuff I got but they didn't turn out so i will take them in the daylight and post them.