Monday, December 18, 2006

spoiled rotten

i am so spoiled rotten do not ever let me tell you different. I got to go on a shopping spree this weekend with my hubby. intentions were totally to finish christmas shopping which we did accomplish but i also ended up coming home with wicked yummy smells from Body Shop (remember Topaz?) cool free stuff from Origins and soft clothes from H&M. but the real reason why I am so spoiled is because my honey let me get an awesome apple lap top that was on sale!!! i am typing on it right now and totally think i am in love. eventually we will go wireless but for now this will do.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

i love presents....

especially ones that make me cute. Thank you Topaz love you lots!!!

Had to buy the blue skull tee at Target for a mere $7.99 to go with the thermal shirt. Mom was feeling up the softness and tried to steal it for herself.

love of all things black...

very into all things black lacquered all of a sudden. so happy i married a paint man! I got this picture frame at a yard sale for 50 cents it used to be creme and gold now is a gorgeous black. Was originally going to be for a gift but I am thinking that I have to keep it because its gorgeous and I am so sure that I will find something on the black apple etsy shop to go into it. also the mirror that was a dollar store find for yes you guessed for you a dollar. it was gold now is this gorgeous black so curious what else i own or will find that may meet its blackened destiny. seriously this is not the depression speaking or at least i don't think so.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

signs of christmas

I didn't really get good pictures of the tree but I tried. I think that my camera is dying, or I don't really know how to use it one or the other.
Its called our Left Over Wedding tree with a few additions haha. I love it though. I tried to add gold streamers but it really didn't look right so I used up ribbon left over. Looks wonky but cute. It looks really good lit up in person. I have been crafting away but not really taking pictures which isn't good. I have to work on that.

Monday, December 04, 2006

It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to...

I don't really want to cry nothing to cry about. It has been a good birthday so far Bobby and my sister called and sang me happy birthday this morning. Work bought me a really cute cake with icing balloons in swirly colors I wish I had a camera to take pictures oh well. and also its official I am going to CA for CHA in January I am so excited!!!

Friday, December 01, 2006


I have been struggling with myself recently. I think that it all boils down to the fact that I am just not happy with my job. I want to do something that I enjoy not just something that I am good at. I am tired of feeling like a monkey and being treated like one. I want substance, I want accomplishment. Why does happiness not pay off though??? I get home and all I want to do is sleep and I could I am actually mentally worn out. I try to clean or work on something and I just can't focus and then I want to scream. It is totally effecting "married life" now and that sucks but what can you do at least he understands. what makes this go away??? at least I still have humor I kept playing the mime fron cirque de soliel that pulls his guts out when he dies to Bobby last night then crashed and got cuddled as I cried.