Friday, June 29, 2007

I {heart} Hello Kitty

All my Hello Kitty treasures from the Boardwalk just for Miss Morgan.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Starving for the spotlight...

Yes this is the inside of my fridge and yes that is 2 bottles of ketchup you see because you cannot be without ketchup when you have a ketchup loving fiend in your household. Usually we have the carnival size ketchup but that was taking up most of my fridge and I have been to the carnival stock store to buy one recently haha. Why didn't I just name this post ketchup ok enough about that I don't want people to think that I am crazy.

This is the current project I am working on this is my "HIM" album all about my husband. I want to add pictures of him when he is little and everything but I am waiting for his mom to resurrect them. So far I have done all play and no journaling but I enjoyed doing the journaling last on Kristi's albums after I took her classes so that is my plan this time.
Well lets see what else to say just got back from Oc, Nj loved it but was alone most of the time because no one was able to be with me. Totally made out on Hello Kitty Products at one of the shops on the Boardwalk she was asking me if I was buying all this stuff for my daughter and I was like no its all for ME. Turns out she is the Hello Kitty fan and she has a son! New found friend. I heart Hello Kitty, i got three charms to put on my 7Gypsies bracelet, Secret agent Badtz-Maru sticky notes, Cinnamon Roll skate boarding stationary more pirate Hello Kitty and My Melody pack of fun (she was my original favorite was I was little) and more stamps I am officially broke because of Sanrio but it is all worth it. haha. I even got this pink container at the thrift store that is designated to the current Hello Kitty products of the time. Love it.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

one little word challenge

This layout is for the one little word challenge. I am loving this Perhaps paper from Basic Gray. My book that I am reading is putting me in a very deep mood. I think that is what influenced this layout I enjoy it very much though. I also want to start taking Yoga or Pilates again I enjoyed them very much too. I have to look into that. Ok I have been severely babbling everywhere is that loneliness or boredom any suggestions? I am just trying to find out if I am really going quietly mad...

excellent shopping

I had a wonderful day of shopping the other day. Tried a new boutique Frox in Perkasie love it! Very pretty jewelry and clothes and of course purses. I have been fantasizing about a navy blue and green wallet which I still hear calling my name. I think I may have to go back and say hell to saving money for a house I want a new wallet to join in with the other 15 or so that I own. I just sold one at a yard sale so I can buy another right? Yes that is total justification. Well then its decided must go back. By the way love this tote that I got thanks to the influences of
Gigi. It is awesome and has many uses especially bringing up packages from said shopping day.

Monday, June 11, 2007

beautiful people....

I had such an awesome weekend. Kristina's classes were absolutely amazing. I am so glad that I had that opportunity, her classes are so inspiring. I have ordered from Paper Source twice now to get envelopes and labels to make more albums with the same approach. I can't wait to get them and also I can't wait to get her kit that I preordered!! I also met some really amazing women, Gigi, Nicole, Breanne, and Morgan. You guys are awesome and do some amazing work. I hope we all can hook up again some time to scrap or shop or both.
I have been working on lots of projects lately. I can't seem to get myself to stick to just one. Here are a couple pictures.

Ok also I have been tagged by Nicole to tell 7 random facts about myself so here they are

1.I love the Gilmore Girls.
2.I can't sleep unless the closet door is shut.
3.My Husband is a firefighter.
4.If I am debating on buying something and someone is waiting for me to put it down I am more likely to purchase it.
5.I drive a truck.
6.I prefer medium pens over fine point.
7.My Husband and I were only together 7 months before we got engaged(it was love at first site).

8. I unfortunately don't know 7 people with blogs so I am tagging those I do know and just met. I am not tagging you Kristi since you were thankful that Nicole did not tag you. haha


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I just don't want to...

The winds of change are upon us. I didn't feel them coming this time so I just hope that we made the right decision. Those of you who know me know of Bobby's venture on his own with his Auto Detailing business, I was still working an 8-5 dead end job hating every minute of it. I thought changing environments would help but things got even worse. When things started getting too hard to deal with we decided the best decision for me was to let it go. I hope it was the best. Life is more important then money sometimes and right now that is what we need to focus on. Today is my second day as a stay at home wife and things aren't too bad. Got a lot of cleaning done yesterday it is so nice to have a clean sink every morning and still have done what you wanted to do. But alas now the hell hole is upon me and "I just don't want to". This is our catch all room, actually the master bedroom but thought it would be so much better for my stuff and his. Now it seems to house all of my "will get to's" and is very overwhelming.

I would so rather be scrapbooking although that is in that room and since I am avoiding that room that isn't getting done either. So I am hanging out in the clean rooms for now. This room seriously looks like a Mission Organization show waiting to happen.

My hubby thinks we should get rid of the bed since we have only had one house guest in the course of the 2 years that we have been here but I don't understand why we would get rid of a perfectly good mattress when we will end up needing one in time any way. Any suggestions or motivation you can float my way is much appreciated!! Well happy Tuesday! I leave you with this...