Sunday, November 18, 2007

It's snowing...

It is snowing here today! This is so exciting, not the stick to the ground kind yet but it is still nice to see snow. It has been quite the lazy weekend. Had time for a bit of shopping. Scored an adorable pair of red flats and a deep Fiesta ware bowl in cobalt to add to our collection. Scrapbooked a little yesterday and then worked some more on christmas scarves as we watched Transformers last night. I thoroughly enjoyed the day. I leave you with some pictures of the yarn I ordered that I couldn't get the links to work in a previous post. Can't wait to cast on and start making my wrap!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

mini album

Finally finished my little album. I really like how it turned out , I am loving this 4x4 size all over again. Got a lot of inspiration from Miss Kristi's Layouts for Story of My Life Kits this month. She is awesome and so is her work! Blogger wouldn't let me post any more pictures for some reason so I will do a post with the rest of the album and some knitting projects tomorrow. Have a good night peoples.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Holidays are coming and lots of links...

I don't know why but this year I am really looking forward to the holidays coming soon. I am in the mood for a new beginning, a drastic change, something and maybe that is why I am pushing for it. I am working like mad on knitting some of my Christmas presents. I will have to post some pictures of the ones that are for people who I know don't read my blog.

Pre-ordered this puppy today. I am in love. I am looking forward to cutting it up already at the end of the year to use in a mini album of some sorts. Or maybe I will make a running year album him, the wheels are finally starting to turn. I am not usually a calendar person but have been really inspired by quite a few this year so I decided to make a purchase. I love letterpress!

Totally went crazy last night on this website buying yarn. My next project is going to be a Shoulder wrap, something that I can wear to work over a long sleeve shirt. I decided to go with this color for the wrap and then bought this color to make either a skinny scarf or a thick neck warmer. This yarn is so soft and beautifully hand dyed. I can't wait to see the colors that I picked in person.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to post pictures of my mini album from our weekend.