Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lovin' the Lime

I am currently obsessed with the color lime, chartreuse what ever tickles your fancy because this color is really tickling mine right now. I think it is all thanks to Kristina and her kit that she is selling off of her blog. Looks totally cool and I know she loves green and I am seeing lots of it. I went through this phase a few years ago too bought the cutest lime green purse definitely have to dig that out. Had some guy want to fight me for this purse and was like following me around Macy's silently begging me to put it down, needless to say I won. Also Topaz I am sure you remember this, the non-existent Lime green Dress/Suit that I had full intentions on finding a wearing to a wedding moons ago. Non-existent because after about 10 hours of shopping and how ever many stores later it was not found. Although much shopping was to be had. My first Mac Lipstick, ahh the memories. Note: the lipstick was not lime green in color. Any way I just placed an order at Paper Source and everything just so happened to be green in color, very inspiring. I will have to take a picture when everything comes.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

self protrait challenge...

I love challenges and her is one for Elsie Flannigan's Blog. I love taking self portraits you see your self in so many different views and sometimes see things you never noticed.

Monday, May 14, 2007

"I' book complete...

Finally finished the "I" book and have to say that it is some of my best work. It was a lot of fun to make too because it made me think of myself and what I want. I also decided to participate in my first dare. It made me think of how Topaz and I used to do Mad Libs back and forth through e-mails on boring work days which were pretty much everyday haha.