Monday, September 17, 2007

Suggestions please...

I have been trying for months to decide what pictures I want in our professional Wedding Album and I finally did come to a list but now that I got the proof back I am second guessing myself on pictures. Does anyone have suggestions on how to narrow this down??? I am so confused!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Perfect fit...

I got the new dare book and am loving every minute of it. These girls are so talented and real I am breathless. The first dare of course was perfect fitting for this mood I am in which I hope breaks soon I can't take another morning waking up a 2:30 am with nothing but fear. Here is my layout... and I actually did a 12x12 which I think in my whole scrapping life I have done maybe 5 total. I just didn't want to cut this paper I really liked it. Plus going through all my stuff for the MLPA yard sale I just feel that I need to try them to use up some of this paper love I have. I like it not my favorite but I like it. I think I may even try another. Totally stole the photo idea from Gigi, she has some of the coolest self portraits I just had to try it.

LOST... If found please return to ... me

I felt you slipping away slowly and then you were gone at 25. I wear blue as women should and avoid onions at all costs but you still have not returned. Where did you go and when are you coming back? Do I need to find you or wait for you? I wonder this, many sleepless nights and days I feel the pressure in my head. Please say someday you will.... return to me.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Update on job hunt and other more important things...

Thank you all for your warm and fuzzy thoughts because I after the interview from the twilight zone I went on an interview the next day and was hired to start 3 days later. It has been a hectic week but this job seems like it was worth the searching and the waiting for. So thank you again!
Well on to the more important things (haha). I received my goodies from Candice! I am so much in love. They are adorable and I can not wait to use them!! Candice rocks if you haven't check out her etsy shop you are missing out.

My Sister who doesn't even get the whole scrapbooking thing even wants some. Speaking of my sister she crochets and she just opened up an etsy shop too. She makes the most adorable pumpkins for fall. They are so cute to set out and soft. She taught me how to crochet the other weekend and I finally sat down and got the hang of it some what. It only took my 4 hours to make a wash cloth but hey I did it. And I think I got the hang of it because I want to make more. We went shopping yesterday and stocked up on some really pretty yarn to make scarves and coffee cup cozies with. I also got some awesome paints and a 12x12 frame to play with. Its so much more fun to have my creative juices (and money) flowing again. Searching for a job that you can tolerate is so draining!


I participated in this swapjack on Red Velvet and I was paired with a really awesome lady, Rose! She sent me this rocking package all enclosed in this adorable suitcase which I have been lusting after these and she didn't even know. I loved everything! I have been looking for a good white pen since my sharpie blew up on me(and my layout) and she sent me one that she swears by! Oh and the candle is so yummy even my husband was like what smells so good! This was so much fun!! Thank you so much Rose you rock!