Monday, June 11, 2007

beautiful people....

I had such an awesome weekend. Kristina's classes were absolutely amazing. I am so glad that I had that opportunity, her classes are so inspiring. I have ordered from Paper Source twice now to get envelopes and labels to make more albums with the same approach. I can't wait to get them and also I can't wait to get her kit that I preordered!! I also met some really amazing women, Gigi, Nicole, Breanne, and Morgan. You guys are awesome and do some amazing work. I hope we all can hook up again some time to scrap or shop or both.
I have been working on lots of projects lately. I can't seem to get myself to stick to just one. Here are a couple pictures.

Ok also I have been tagged by Nicole to tell 7 random facts about myself so here they are

1.I love the Gilmore Girls.
2.I can't sleep unless the closet door is shut.
3.My Husband is a firefighter.
4.If I am debating on buying something and someone is waiting for me to put it down I am more likely to purchase it.
5.I drive a truck.
6.I prefer medium pens over fine point.
7.My Husband and I were only together 7 months before we got engaged(it was love at first site).

8. I unfortunately don't know 7 people with blogs so I am tagging those I do know and just met. I am not tagging you Kristi since you were thankful that Nicole did not tag you. haha



miss morgan... said...

love the lo of you and kristi lady! and i totally enjoyed meeting you too!

Klala said...

OMG I almost just puked over that lace. WHERE DID YOU GET IT!? I need it. And the lo rocks ;)

Nicole Carro said...

Love the LO of you and Kristi, the lace,flowers, guitar...rockin. OMG so excited to see that someone else CANNOT sleep with any closet doors open, my husband thinks it's just me!!!

Breanne Crawford said...

hey girlie!!! you know i loved meeting you and that i think your stuff kicks total ass. seriously.

Gigi said...

hey!! i like med points too :)

& i'll get right on this...sorry i'm tardy :)