Monday, December 18, 2006

spoiled rotten

i am so spoiled rotten do not ever let me tell you different. I got to go on a shopping spree this weekend with my hubby. intentions were totally to finish christmas shopping which we did accomplish but i also ended up coming home with wicked yummy smells from Body Shop (remember Topaz?) cool free stuff from Origins and soft clothes from H&M. but the real reason why I am so spoiled is because my honey let me get an awesome apple lap top that was on sale!!! i am typing on it right now and totally think i am in love. eventually we will go wireless but for now this will do.

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Topaz Loves Katie said...

yes i remember!!! wahoo!!! Smells yummy from here!! And you are spoiled but your so darn cute thats why who could not want to spoil you!!!