Saturday, January 06, 2007

ghost of christmas past

another christmas has come and gone. our first christmas to be exact. working on the christmas scrapbook and i am actually starting to get sick of it. I really want it to be done so I can start the voyage of the honeymoon book and wedding journal. those days will come soon enough. Charis' wedding is coming up in three weeks, very exciting. i teach my first class at the scrapbook store on the 27th and then off to CHA in CA on the 28th this month is craziness it will be valentines day before I know it. need to start taking more journaling pictures, well pictures that I could make a scrapbook out of. I started taking pictures of the really neat old doorknobs in our apartment I have to think of something to do with that. any suggestions??

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Topaz Loves Katie said...

Queen goober make that 2 weeks away and counting down!! Not 3 i wish it was three that would mean i had more time!!! Love you and suggestions would be to make a scrap book with each door knob being the page first then you show in a few picture or so what opening that door knob leads too so that way not only do you have a rad book of your door knobs but of your 1st apartment!!!! (just a suggestion) Love you