Wednesday, February 21, 2007

life is crazy...

life has been crazy. in a nut shell. ca was great it was definitely an awesome and overwhelming experience. the worst part about it was shopping for things you could not buy what a concept haha. any way I am going to attempt to blog faithfully well hopefully at least once a week and then upload pictures later. that might help with my motivation to actually follow through with things. what made me excited to post was my new obsession for the week she has the coolest kits and stuff. I already purchased her vintage papers and red journaling spots and a hodge podge junque kit which my hubby is supposed to pick up today from the post office. I will post pictures hopefully later :) I also signed up for a membership of her papercrafting kits and am so excited to get it after seeing a sneak peak on her blog I am so excited.

here are the pictures!

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Topaz Loves Katie said...

Hey hey hey Cool maybe i'll post stufff toooo