Monday, October 15, 2007


Ok people I am starting to feel a bit overwhelmed right now with how much junk I seem to accumulate. Yes I know I am a pack rat in a manner of speaking, I like to think of my self more along the lines of a recycler. Why throw that perfectly good shoelace out, yes there may be only one but I know if I sew a drawstring bag someday it will come in handy. Now 5 years later still have the shoelace but no drawstring bag. I’m thinking I have a problem. Lol. So to help me clear through some of this clutter I am doing a mass RAK of sorts. Hopefully this won’t get ugly, nothing mean towards you but if I run out of something I am sorry. I am just going to have to go on a first come first serve basis and hopefully I can accommodate everyone.
Most of the following items I have collected from thrift stores and yard sales so some things are a tad yellowed or bent but hey that just shows their story right? Some items I only have a few of some I have a lot of. I will try to post my quantity to let you know. If there is a certain amount of something you have to have just let me know and I will try to do my best. The strings/threads I will send you one yard unless other wise requested.

Rotary cards: I have about 250 of these to go around.

Spines: There is about 100 of these. Unfortunately they do not have the arms that go through this piece to create the closure, I only just noticed this now. Not sure what can be done with them but maybe someone has an idea?

Brown wax thread: This is a thin brown thread that seams to have a little wax coating but not much at all. It is definitely heavy duty compared to sewing thread.

Pink wax thread: This is a heavy waxed thread as you can see it is bendable. Fairly thick in diameter too.

Playing cards: These are from an old Lotto game. There is not many of these to go around.

Blue thread: Thin blue ribbon, not sure what this would be used for, is not elastic.

Vintage dictionary pages: I have a bunch of old dictionary pages that are bit yellowed and torn out.

Paper bags:
I have a bunch of paper bags left over from my wedding invitations. They are hardware store strength and a bit larger then your average paper lunch bag.

Ok that is all I can post for now. I probably will do another destash as I continue to clean out. If you are interested in anything just leave a comment or e-mail me.


Breanne Crawford said...

you're so generous :-p

i dont need anything because i am thinking lately that i need to stop collecting


just wanted to say that you are.

Funky Finds said...

i might be interested in the playing cards & pink twine. let me know how much you want for them.

Vee said...

I so love that typewriter!! :) awww.....

T said...

Playing Card love me right?

Angela said...

katie!! hey there from angela @ LabelTulip......
i love your brown wax thread and your dictionary pages.... if you still have some left, wanna throw them my way??
your blog about saving shoelaces for drawstrings is so funny~~ and it's sooo me!!!