Thursday, October 04, 2007

my first whiff of burning leaves...

First of all how do you smell whiff i mean spell? Nat its one of those words that just don't look right. Any way driving home from shopping at the Promenade tonight and I could smell burning leaves it was great. I am so ready for sweater weather bring it on please. Went shopping tonight for my Husband's birthday this weekend and totally spent more money on myself opps. I just couldn't find what I wanted to get him. But I think I have finally found my new fragrance, hopefully this one will last (and won't end up getting associated with bad memories). Its Rosewood from Banana Republic and it comes in this wicked wooden box. (No I did not buy it for the box ... although it was definately a deciding factor)

I so was ready to buy a purse too but just got some really soft tank tops. I may have to go back there this weekend since I am going to be up in the area.
I got my KC Collection from SIStv today. I love it and the papers so much I think I should have bought 2. Can't wait until this weekend SIStv Crop. I have some new pictures to scrap and tons to work with and I think I know not to pack so much this time so it won't take so many trips from the car!


Candice P.J. said...

You have been so crop happy lately! Lucky girl! But where are your layouts? I wanna see 'em all!!!!

Anonymous said...

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