Thursday, February 28, 2008

i {heart} etsy

I have fallen off this blogging wagon quite abroptly due mostly to laziness and the fact that I have become an obsessive knitter. I even knit in the kitchen while waiting for water to boil for dinner, I think I have crossed that invisible line. I have no pictures to post at this moment because I am somewhere where I do not have access to my photos (well I would have access if I would be better about uploading my photos on flicker but that is another story). So I decided to post about my current etsy obsessions since I got many compliments over the Scrapbowl weekend about items I had that I had bought on etsy. Speaking of scrapbowl, fabulous weekend with some gorgeous and get down and dirty fun girls. It was so much fun and those pesky 4 hours drives were hilarious! From the slippery seats to Dane to gorging on Godiva and Turtle cheese cake at a rest stop. If there are no scrapping events coming up ladies we should make a road trip and create our own in some random hotel which hopefully is not being renovated.
Ok on to the etsy love:

lovin Kristina's new shop those t-shirts are so awesome!

Jewelry made from recycled skateboards, this is a must check out shop!

Cheap letterpress blank flat cards can be found in this shop

I am drawn to these earrings for some reason in this shop I think it is because of the posts!

Another must see shop very inspiring.

And ofcourse there is always room for fabric found in this shop


miss morgan... said...

oooh, love the skate board compacts too!thanks for the tips!

Vee said...

i loved our weekend and I so agree!! I loved your bird necklace and went an ordered a pendant( the bee one) from her and I love it!!
I can't wait to see your knit madness! :)

Nicole Carro said...

Katie, your etsy picks are the best. If I had money, you'd be my personal shopper and I'd look fabulous, LOL!

T said...

OK I get it you <3 etsy Tell me another story!!!!!! :) i love you!

T said...

we want a new blog....when do we want it....we want it NOW....we want a new blog....when do we want it....we want it NOW.....(i'm protesting.)

T said...

Hey good thing i haven't been fasting as a means of protesting until you write a new blog other wise i would be half the person i usually am!