Sunday, February 03, 2008

bud light_ suck one

Loving Morgan's list form blog posts so I am going to give it go (more, more, more.... watching way to many comercials during the super tonight).

* sewed a little cozy for my favorite mug and a new mat for our coffee table

* still working on my quilt, finally bought a new machine that sews like a dream. could not take the pressor foot dying out on me every 30 seconds anymore
* took a 3 hour nap today that was much needed after a mentally stressful week
* missing the l word because of the damn super bowl your lucky we have on demand B
* thought this was really cool so joined in on the fun
* getting really excited for scrap bowl and even more excited that Kristi put sneaks on her site
* recent etsy love this and this

* loving hyena in petticoats
* i joined weight watchers online, I have lost 9 lbs in 5 weeks for a total of 14 lbs since last june my "i can do this" attitude has been restored


Natalie said...

YAY for a new sewing machine! And congrats on the lbs. Can't wait to see ya in a few weeks!

Vee said...

congrats on losing weight, that is awesome!! I am trying to fight the same battle but you are doing WAY better, good for YOU! ;) love your post and can't wait see you next week, eeeks it is almost here ;)

T said...

you look hottt and i want a tea cup cozy!!! hahahahaaa for agreeing to go to potstown with you!!! hahahaa

Hyena In Petticoats said...

Thanks for the link love my sweet.....

Sounds like you're having a productive week - I'm watching the L Word too - and hoping I don't run out of episodes due to the Writers'!

Leah xxx

miss morgan... said...

yay! congrats on the weight loss! we are all going to get so skinny!

miss morgan... said...

update my love! i miss you in blogland!

Gigi said...

ok....that little mug cozy is awesome!!!! so so cute

& YAY for 9 lbs!! wow! that is really really fantastic!!!