Thursday, October 16, 2008


One small problem that comes with house hunting is the ever growing desire to buy new furniture. And get rid of a lot of what I already have. What is that? Honestly alot actually if not all of it was given to me when I first moved out on my own because others didn't want them anymore, and it is just time to start adding my own stuff to the collection. So I decided to slowly weed out what I can and replace with items that I will love. I am so excited to show you my newest purchase, I am dying to spread the word. I have admired these Tolix chairs since I first saw them a year or so ago in the Sundance Catalog. Figured someday I would break down but for now that was just too much money to spend. I was heart broken when I discovered that Pottery Barn had them over the summer and had placed them on clearance and then was happy to find out that you can now back order them, and at the clearance price. Now I am in search of the dining room table. I really want one made of recycled barn wood and was told of a place around here that makes them pretty cheap. Here is a picture of the chairs that I got:

Love them! Oh thanks to all those who joined in on my giveaway. The winner has been contacted and her little package will be on its way this weekend. Speaking of the weekend I am excited to be going a little trip up to Jim Thorpe. It will be beautiful and this is the fall foliage weekend with vendors outside and we are going to a Ghost Story Telling of the Old Jail at night. Hopefully I get some good pictures to share. Things have been really sparse around here but honestly that is what has been going on, pretty much nothing.


Kristi said...

1. love that chair.

2. i am bummed you can't make it to morgan's crop :( i miss you!

3. you TOTALLY read my mind w/ the boots links a few posts down..i've been searching for the perfect pair of grey boots that aren't 350 bucks and the sundance ones come in grey!!! i think i am going to order them. i was getting so frustrated!!!

Natalie said...

miss you. i think i owe you an email. i picked Lure, btw. Love you wrote about a cup of tea and a good book. you sold me! So I'll send you some fun stuff hopefully by Friday. Have I already told you that I love your fall quilt? Well, i do!

karyn said...

oh i'm so incredibly jealous of your chair purchase! i love chairs, but these are deluxe! i've been coveting them for a long time and in my dream world, i buy a bunch for the backyard of my shop.

lucky you! make sure you post photos of the chairs in their new home!

kristi said...

dude. the boots.


they were not even grey, they were like, milky brown. not like the picture at all. the seams....there was WHITE on the edges (like they forgot to dye the ends of the leather or something) and strings everywhere... the soles, they were blackish rubber, but with white splotches everywhere (like they were trying to distress them but did a really bad job)...ugh....they went right back in the box. i was so surprised, i had such hope. they just looked cheap, and poorly done. which would be fine if i got them from a street vendor in union square for 50 bucks, but not for what sundance charged.

just wanted to give you a heads up, in case you hadn't ordered yours yet. and if you did, i hope your experience is vastly better than my own :)